The Day I Said I Love You

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The Day I Said I Love You

There was no candle lit dinner. It wasn’t at the beach and we were not looking at the sun go down. It was at the doctor’s office as I held your hand and said “its gonna be ok”

You see, I have had my share of heartbreaks and I am very careful when it comes to love. I told myself it’s easier to just live life as it comes and not worry if the love is forever or just infatuation. So even after all our “romantic” dates and long conversations I could not tell if I actually loved you… Until now

I love you

I never knew how much losing you will hurt me. I never knew that a day without you will be filled with pain, hurt and sorrow. The thought that you might leave me soon is worse than the thought of you leaving.

And so I decide

I will pray for you
I will be there for you
I will be there to hold your hand
I will be there to dry your tears
I will be there in your darkest moments
I will be there when you are weary
I will be there to make you smile
I will be there to ease the pain

Because not even cancer can separate you from my love

I love you, Now and Forever


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4 thoughts on “The Day I Said I Love You

  1. This write up just sent tears welling up my eyes…so touchin..I guess one never understands d true value of what u have until u lose it

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