The Harry Minute 010: Can Bill Cosby’s Legacy Be Saved? with Ajifa Atuluku

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It’s Harry Minute Day!!!!

Thanks guys for checking it out again. We are on Number 10!!! Can you imagine? Your support means so much to me and I am forever grateful.

To the matter of today… Bill Cosby has been in the news this week because a 2005 deposition surfaced were he admitted to getting sleeping pills to drug women.

I am joined on the show with my girl, Ajifa and we have one question “Can Bill Cosby’s Legacy be Saved?”

I really want to know your thoughts on this so feel free to sound off in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “The Harry Minute 010: Can Bill Cosby’s Legacy Be Saved? with Ajifa Atuluku

  1. The thing with society is everything good has a tenuous hold on society’s mind. But when something bad happens, it can eclipse the good thing and just go on spreading and staining.
    Yea, Bill Cosby has been so scandalised. And I’m afraid, irreparably. When he passes away and you hit his name on Google, you’d most likely find the results of his scandal before whatever accomplishments he made. I mean, even in his lifetime, he was an anecdote that was served at this year’s Golden Globes.

  2. He’s not the first rapist/criminal in showbiz sha… Shebi we have all forgotten that Chris Brown butchered someone’s daughter?

  3. Wow! I honestly don’t think it can be restored. That’s just how powerful the word ‘but’ is! I pray God helps him sha. It is not an easy junction, this one. 🙁

  4. Sure his legacy is intact, only adjusted. He is no longer just a legendary entertainer but an entertainer and a conviction-evading, multiple-woman rapist. His diehard fans wld prefer to remember d first part, judgmental pple will stress d second. The rest of us clear-eyed folks will see d balance. (Pls change this intro)

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