The Harry Minute 024: The Case For Shonda Rhimes

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I don’t know about you but the truth is some of my friends are getting tired of Shonda’s show. I still love and enjoy them especially Grey’s Anatomy but it’s fascinating the opinions people have about these shows.

On The Harry Minute this week, I make a case for the woman who I personally admire and think is doing a fantastic job.

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One thought on “The Harry Minute 024: The Case For Shonda Rhimes

  1. Don’t even get me on the sad case of Grey’s Anatomy. That show used to give me life, even when the bodies started dropping. But then they kept dropping and dropping and…and… *breaking out a sob* I just couldn’t take it anymore. 🙁
    And Scandal, I’m cool with everything going on there except B6-13. Can they please cut that spy shit out already and just give us, I don’t know, scandals? Eeiish!
    But all in all, I agree with you, Harry. Life is messy, and Shonda Rhimes is showing us all that on TV. Thing is, sometimes we the viewers would like for art not to entirely imitate life.

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