4 thoughts on “The Harry Minute 040: When Is It OK For A Celebrity To Be A Diva?

  1. I believe a celebrity ??is okayed to be called a diva the moment he/she actually becomes a celebrity. Going by my definition, a celebrity is one who is popular ?to a large extent [both on screen and in reality], one who is able to make and be in the news[Kim k… U don’t need to be talented, just b good in d show business],one who has performed in big shows?,has clinched top notch awards ?and lastly, one who has signed one or couple of contract deals ?… #moneyisneeded to be an active member in the showbiz[facade based showmanship*]
    *subjective, relative…! FYI harry, #teknoisadiva

  2. The guy should take several seats jor. He’s not that relevant. The sooner he starts humbling himself, the better .

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