2 thoughts on “The Harry Minute 046: That Omawumi Interview

  1. I agree with you Harry. Some people tend to generalize when criticizing which shouldnt be the case. The offender should be the only party to suffer a criticism at a given point and not all the members of his niche. Also, I think Omawumi could have been more diplomatic in her response to that offensive question. I guess she let her personality and emotions get the better part of her. Shame to the interviewer tho. Naija celebs no get chill pill for bullshit in 2016. (Mrs Danjuma, Kate Henshaw, Uche Jombo, Lilian Esoro and co….)

  2. Hey to be honest, I think much of the attacks towards journalist is because we have witnessed 2 “unprofessional” interviews back-to-back the other being Tiwa’s interview and now this.
    I had no issue with her question but with the structure of her question. That lady flat out attacked her behaviour as a mother and as a role model with the structure of that question. Even dug her own grave by saying “I dig for information”. What did she dig biko apart from her own embarassment? I know you understand what I’m saying Harry because “Ekeanyanwu” will prolly give that person 0.5/10 if it were an assignment. There’s a way she would’ve asked that question and gotten a better answer. And as they say “2 wrongs don’t make a right” as a celebrity too, I do believe she should have developed a thick skin for some of these questions because they WILL always come.
    By the way, why do you not have something on Tiwa’s interview yet? DO one so I can comment oh. You know it’s only on your posts/blog that I comment.

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