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The Harry Minute

10 Sep, 2021

The Harry Minute S03E2: Life as a trans woman in Nigeria with Biodun Y

In this episode, Harry has a virtual conversation with Biodun Y about her experiences living

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3 Sep, 2021

The Harry Minute S03E1: Dealing with Friendship Breakups

In the first episode of the new season, Harry talks about the heartbreak that comes

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12 Apr, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E13: Another Life Update

For this episode, Harry gives another life update as it pertains to new Harry Minute

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16 Mar, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E12: Living with albinism in Nigeria with Ejike Okeke

For this episode, Ejike Okeke talks about living with albinism in Nigeria and some of

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8 Mar, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E11: Let’s talk Unrequited love with Ajifa Atuluku

For this episode, longtime contributor to the Harry Minute, Ajifa Atuluku, joins Harry to discuss

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15 Feb, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E10: Unpopular Opinions about Love, Sex and Relationships

For this episode, Harry reacts to some of the unpopular opinions about love, sex and

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8 Feb, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E9: Rediscovering Spirituality with Marian Nwaokolo

In this conversation with Marian Nwaokolo, she opens up on her spiritual journey and how

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25 Jan, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E8: Let’s talk about Grief with Franklyne Ikediasor

In this conversation with Franklyne Ikediasor, we explore grief and how we handle the loss

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18 Jan, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E7: Doing Indie Music in Nigeria

Nigerian artist, Raldie Young talks about being an Indie musician in Nigeria and why he

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12 Jan, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E6: Let’s Talk Allyship

This episode talks about allyship and why it is important for allies to listen to

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11 Jan, 2021

The Harry Minute S02E5: Dating as a Queer Man in Nigeria

In this episode, Harry Itie hosts a roundtable discussion with some Queer Men in Nigeria

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21 Dec, 2020

The Harry Minute S02E4: The Evolution of Faith with Peter Akinnusi

In today's episode, Nigerian Writer and Communications Consultant, Peter Akinnusi, joins Harry to discuss all

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