The Lone Heart Diaries 001

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Hello guys. In the spirit of Valentine, I have started my first Story Series on this website. Please read and comment as that will motivate me to keep putting up installments. Thanks so much guys. Enjoy The Lone Heart Diaries


Its that time of the month. Stores hang out signs that say “Valentines Day Sale. 20% Off”. TV Stations begin to air their Valentine Day Jingle and musicians try to rip us off by organizing concerts. I can’t deal abeg! What’s so special about the stupid holiday sef? It is not even a holiday because I will still wake up, go to work, have to deal with my annoying boss, go to Church that evening as the Church has decided to have a Teens Seminar on that day. According to my Pastor, the young children of nowadays are going astray and he needs to seek avenues to call them back to The Light. Honestly, I really don’t care. I just have to go because… because… well because… I am the Youth Pastor.


I know you don’t believe. I sound too messed up to encourage people in the way of the Lord. Oh well. I am the one doing the job.


My name is Bade Adams and I am a twenty something year old male who is tired of love. You see, I have always been a good child, followed the rules, believed the best in people and all. It’s a shame it took me a while to realize everyone is an asshole in disguise. You see, I had this chic who I really liked. I even thought we were gonna get married until I found her in MY bed with MY cousin.


Yes. It was like a scene from a Nigerian movie. I closed early from work and got home to find the two of them having sex. Her legs wrapped around his back and the didn’t even notice I had walked in on them. Her gaze was on the ceiling and I could feel the lust in the air. She was supposed to be a virgin. She was supposed to wait for me.


I don’t care anymore. Love is for losers. I don’t think I’ll love again. I mean th…
(20 minutes later)


I just got a call from Jaiye!


Hazel Eyes. Shiny black hair. Full pink lips. My First Love

She wants to have drinks with me tomorrow.

She is just in town for a week.

She has missed me.

It will mean a lot to her if I tell her Yes.

I don’t want to hurt her.

I am not that mean.

I am not interested in relationships and I am through with love and dates and hookups and relationships.

So you can guess my answer.

I say YES!!!


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