The Side Chick Diaries: Final Instalment

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The response to the first instalment of The Side Chick Diaries was amazing. If you missed it check it out here. It seemed like everyone wanted a sequel and I had made a promise to write one if the response was good. So here it is, the final instalment. Enjoy. Comment and do not forget to share.


I hate waiting rooms.

Everyone is trying to have small talk when all you want to do is just leave. Aunty why are you talking to me?  I am sure that your son is a good boy but I really don’t want to know about your issues.

I don’t.

I have my own issues and it happened minutes after Ben left my house. I had called him insensitive and an asshole and that he will come back begging and I won’t give him the time of day. I was heartbroken about him ending our relationship when I got a call from my best friend, Kike.

KIKE: Ebube! Ebube! Where are you? Wahala dey oh!!!

ME: Slow down Kike. Wetin happen?

KIKE: It’s Ben.

ME: Ben? He just left my house.

KIKE: He just had an accident.

ME: (My heart sank for a minute) How na? Someone that just left my house now.

KIKE: He was driving out of your street when his car drove into a trailer. Come now! I am at the scene.

That was the conversation that got me to this place.

How did I even get myself in this position? This life is a pot of beans. People will now say that I jazzed the guy because he broke up with me. Abeg oh! The scene of the accident was gruesome. It is a miracle that Ben was still breathing when he was pulled out. I had to feign ignorance by the time the Police got there because I could not leave him. I also had to control my emotions and not look attached before people start to ask questions.

Now, I am at the hospital and Ben is in surgery. I have settled all the necessary bills and also asked the doctor to call his wife. I really hope Ben is fine.

“Hello” a middle aged woman stopped me and brought me back to reality.

“Good evening.” I responded.

“My name is Morountodun Ademola. I was told you are the good Samaritan that helped my husband. Thank you so much. God bless you. I am forever in your debt.”

“No problem ma. I am glad I could be of help. No one deserves to be abandoned especially in a situation like this” I said as politely as I could.

“Thank you. Can you send me your account number. Let me give you a little something. At least to show my appreciation”

“No problem. It’s fine” I told her as the doctor walked towards us.

“Ms. Nwabueze. You are still here?” he asked me.

“Yes. I am about to leave now. This is Mrs. Ademola. She is the wife of the patient” I told him and he shook her hand politely.

I pick up my bag and pretend to be on my way out. I stay close by so I can hear what the doctor has to say.

“Mrs. Ademola. The accident was very fatal. Ben-“

As the doctor spoke to Todun, it dawned on me that I was in love with Ben. Our relationship may have been built on sex and stolen getaways, but I had grown to love him. He wasn’t just the guy that slept with me; he was the guy that took care of me and gave me a life that many people would be envious of. I remember he always said “You can do anything you want to Ebube. You just have to want it very badly.” I just want to tell him I understand why he wants to be with his wife. I just want him to know that he changed me; made me a different person. I want him to know that he is a good friend and that letting him go will be the hardest thing I will ever do. He needs to know that I love him.

“- I am sorry Mrs. Ademola. We did all we could to save him.” The doctor’s voice brought me back to the present.

With that the tears flowed freely down my face. My mouth open with moans that only my heart can hear. I have lost the love of my life and I didn’t even say goodbye.

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  1. You told a story that has been told before in a layout that is both compelling and entertaining. Good job Harry! I’m looking forward to more out-of-the-box stuff from you.

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