The Worst thing that can Ever Happen!

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So I had a dream last night and I literally heard these words. I am not kidding. In the dream, I was saying the lines in this poem over and over again so as soon as I woke up, I typed it out in my phone. This is it and be inspired as I was.

(I added some lines to beef it up a bit)

The Worst thing that can ever happen,
Cannot happen to you,
Because I know the worst that can happen,
Cause it’s happened to me.
So believe me when I say,
That the worst that can happen
Will never happen to you.

I am your Healer, your Strength, your Song,
I am your Refuge, the one who keeps you strong
I am your Deliverer, Protector and Provider
I am your God, I am that I am

So even when times get hard,
And it feels like your walls are crashing down,
Remember that the worst thing that can ever happen,
Will never happen to you
Cause I got you
And that is all that matters

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