TLC at 20: 20 Iconic Songs by the best selling American Girl Group of all TIME!!!

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I am such a TLC fan like you have no idea and I can’t let the 20th anniversary go by without counting down (what I feel are) their classic hits spanning two decades. These songs are timeless and shows the musicality of the girls. Here they are

20. Hat 2 da back

19. Girl Talk

18. Red Light Special

17.Aint 2 Proud 2 Beg

16. Kick Your Game

15. I Miss You so Much

14. Come on Down

13. Unpretty

12. Baby Baby Baby

11. 3D Intro

10. Meant to be

9. Dear Lie

8. Turntables

7. Damaged

6. Creep

5. Waterfalls

4. My life

3. Fanmail

2. What about your friends

1. Digging on You


Some have been hinting that they want Lil Mama to replace Left Eye in the group seeing as she gave such a convincing performance in the TLC biopic.

Lil Mama has been performing with TLC for a bit and even performed with them at the American Music Awards 2013. Check it out below

I think they should be a duo and try to make it work. NO ONE can/should replace Left Eye.

Anyways, Happy Anniversary TLC. Hope you grow from strength to strength; wishing you guys all of God’s blessings.


PS: I covered the first airport flash mob in Nigeria. Watch it below










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