TLC’s The Sisterhood: A Toned Down Version of the Real Housewives Franchise

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There has been a lot of talk about the new TLC show about Pastor’s Wives. A lot of them claim that the show is blasphemous and does not portray the positive side of being a Pastor’s Wife. Even, Marvin Sapp has even shared his opinion about the new show. I decided to watch the show myself because I know that things are usually blown out of proportion. So I decided to watch to see what all the noise was about and hear are my thoughts. (Sorry I didn’t keep the names of the characters in my head. I do not think I will be watching again)

  1. As I spent 40 minutes of my time watching, I kept asking myself “What is the point of this show?” To entertain? (We got Mary Mary for that). To present positive role models for young women in churches? (ummm)…
  2. How can you say when you are around Christian folk you should not quote scripture? I am the kind of guy who appreciates real Christianity and lot of people know that I am not a fan of “Christianese” but still even when I am in regular conversations with my friends, a bible verse pops up. Even when I am talking with non-Christians, a Bible verse somehow pops up. I understand where the ladies were coming from because sometimes we are quick to throw a Bible verse into a discussion when it is not necessary but watching that clip closely, there was no need for a (Real Housewives) fight argument. As the fight argument progressed, the quoting scripture lady started over quoting. It was just a huge mess
  3. The show is not blasphemous. Blasphemy involves disrespect of God or the Christian faith. Even with all their drama, I do not think the show does that.
  4. The Sex Talk. Some of the Christians that watched the episode have issues with the sex talk that one of the Pastors and his wife gave his daughters. I totally understand the place the man was coming from and I understood why he had to show them how to use a condom but still there was just something wrong with that scene. I couldn’t wait for it to be finished
  5. Oh and there is a scene where one of the pastors gets his wives handcuffs as a gift. TMI!!! Your sex life is not anybody’s business.
  6. I believe God wants us to be successful and all but this show just feels very materialistic.
  7. Gossip. Seriously?


I think the producers of the show wanted people to see that Pastor’s wives are not perfect, go through various struggles, and are human. I totally agree because many people hold them to a higher standard because of their position and I feel like there are other ways through which you can pass this message across. Personally, I feel this is just a “Christian’ version of the “Real Housewives” series. Just filled with drama and drama and more drama. I watched the first episode and I do not think I got anything from the show. I do not even think I will be watching again. If I see my Pastor’s wife on TV acting like Nene Leakes…. Hmmmm

Maybe I am over reacting. Maybe it is not as bad as you think. Maybe after you watch this the lives of these women might inspire you. I am not trying to act as if I am perfect and living the perfect Christian life. That is not my intention. So watch for yourself and let me know your thoughts. While you watch, try to remember Proverbs 31:10-31. In the end, there is no job description for a Pastor’s wife in the Bible. She is a wife to her husband and a mother to her children.


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One thought on “TLC’s The Sisterhood: A Toned Down Version of the Real Housewives Franchise

  1. Hmmmm…jury is still out on this one. Maybe I will give it another go. Although the sex talk made me cringe as well, poor girls sure didn’t need to know that much about their dad.

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