Top 40 Love Songs of All Time!

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I love love and love songs are the best. Today I am listing my top 40 love songs of all time. You might not agree with all the songs on the list but that’s what makes us different.

Check them out. Who knows you can add some of them to your wedding playlist

Kindly note that this list is likely to change in another 10 years 😉


1. Out of Eden – I am the One

The ultimate love is an unconditional one. The one from a might God to his creation. This song by Out of Eden is my ultimate love song because it reassures me that God will always be there for me. Enjoy it.


2. Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing

The first time I heard this song I was like damn!!!!! Justin is singing the truth. Love is not a bad thing people. Own it!


3. Daughtry – Life After You

This song is the perfect love story everyone dreams of. I hope that someday I find someone like that. Won’t it be awesome?


4. Justin Timberlake – Mirrors

Funny thing is the first time I heard this song I was in love with some and Justin captured my exact feelings. I can’t wait to sing (lip sync) this to someone.


5. Brandy – The Definition

This upbeat Brandy jam is everything. I believe that God created significant others so we can experience in small doses the love He has for us and this song conveys that message. I love it!


6. Demi Lovato – My love’s like a star

This song is perfect for those in long distance relationships. It is a song of hope; one you can hold on to and remember that your partner is always in your heart.


7. Craig David – Unbelievable

The initial reaction to love is captured in this song. A lot of times you don’t expect to fall in love. It just happens and that’s what makes this song special.


8. Monica- Angel of Mine

There are no words to describe this song. It is just beautiful!


9. Brooke Fraser – Without You

This song is quirky and fun and explores the simple yet complex nature of love. I love it!


10. Drake – Hold on We’re Going Home

The one and only song from Drake I like. I heard it first when my friend did a cover to it (check it out here) and I thought it was the best. Now I know why the ladies love Drake.


11. Demi Lovato – In Case

This is a classic tale of “if you love someone, set them free and hope they come back to you.” I can totally relate to that so I guess that’s why I love the song so much.


12.  Brandy – Supreme

Supreme!!! What can I say about this song. I still wish the mastered version was released. Totally amazing love song.


13. Stacie Orrico – Easy to love you

This song is easy breezy and full of so much power. Is it not amazing when you find someone who makes it easy to love them?


14. Keyshia Cole – Trust

Trust is an important part of relationships and this song covers the insecurities that can come with relationships. I guess that is why it is such a powerful song because in it the singer is making the decision to trust. Very important.


15. TLC – Damaged

Damaged by TLC. Not your typical love song eh? But I love it. A lot of times we feel we are “not worthy” enough when we meet someone new. This song is so relatable.


16. TY Bello – This Man

I love this song! TY Bello is just amazing.

This Man by Ty Bello on Grooveshark


17. Mariah Carey – Always be my Baby

This song is an instant classic. Love it!


18. Omawumi – You Must Love Me

Omawumi killed this song. Love it!


19. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas – Wouldn’t Change A Thing

This one is from the Camp Rock Soundtrack. Classic opposite attracts tale but I love it.


20. SWV – Weak

Another classic R&B hit. I wonder why folks don’t write songs like this anymore.


21. Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You

This pop hit is one of my faves. Maybe it is because I can totally relate to the song. Its amazing


22. Simi – Tiff

From the first time I heard the song I knew I loved it. Simi over delivered with the song. Amazing!


23. Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat – Lucky

Lucky is the song you wanna dance to at your wedding. That is all


24. Mary J. Blige – Be Without You

Mary J is outstanding but from the first time I heard this song, I knew I could relate. Song is a jam!


25. Michael Jackson – Human Nature

I can’t really say much about this song. It just makes me feel a certain kind of way and I can’t explain it at all


26. Vanjess – Fantasy

I love Vanjess and when this EP came out, this was the song I instantly fell in love with. Love it!!!!!


27. One Direction – Kiss You

This is my proposal song. Yep! The very first time I heard it all I could imagine was me proposing to someone with it. Love the song.


28. Mosa – Perfect

I love this song. That is all.


29. Tatyana Ali – Daydreamin’

Yes! I listened to this song growing up and it did a number on me. A lot of times when you are in love with someone, you spend most of your time day dreaming about the person. This song is a jam


30. Olly Murs – Up feat. Demi Lovato

I found this song cause of Demi Lovato and I love the message in the song. A lot of people in our generation do not wanna fight for love even though it is very important. This song encourages the listener not to give up on love.


31. John Legend – All of Me

I honestly didn’t wanna like this song but I ended up loving it. It is so beautifully written. Amazing.


32. Mosa – #Illjustsayit (I Love You)

There is nothing that is as sweet as friends that become lovers! This song is a jam!!!


33. Whitney Houston – Your Love is My Love

This song is super. In the end, it is the kind of love we pray for and ultimately seek.


34. Colbie Caillat – We Both Know ft. Gavin DeGraw

We both know is another song that I love because of the message. Love is not about being perfect. It is about finding strength in your imperfect nature. Amazing song.


35. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

My friend made me fall in love with this song. Mr. Sheeran is a genius!


36. Beyoncé – End Of Time

Yes. This is my jam!!!!!! Awesome upbeat love song


37. Tori Kelly – Dear No One

Dear No One is Tori Kelly’s love song to her future boo. And it is perfect. It is my love song to my future boo 🙂


38. Bez – Say

I love Bez and I think he is a phenomenal musician. The writing on this song is amazing. Love it!


39. Aaliyah- I Miss You

I have felt this way so many times. Its not even funny. But I love this song and I relate with it.


40. Ese Peters – Omote

Omote is simply amazing. That is all


Honourary Mention:

Kelly Clarkson- The Trouble With Love Is

This song is amazing. I just can’t call it a love song or a break up song. It is just the best


So drop your comments guys. What do you think? Plus, feel free to share some of your favourite love songs in the comment section.

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