What is the big deal about love? Let Yourself Go!

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This generation amuses me. Heck, I amuse myself on a daily. With the advent of social media, a lot of us express ourselves in ways and manners that we will never do in reality; but what the heck, we got the anonymity of Facebook and Twitter to say shit and get away with it. We have access to information in seconds so we can google stuff, say it on social media and sound intellectual and…

Oh well…

I don’t want to deviate but you get the general gist.

OK. Here we go.

When it comes to love and relationships, a lot of people (that I know) have decided to act like they don’t care about relationships. Ladies find it hard to admit that they like someone because they are afraid of getting hurt and don’t want to experience heart break. For the guys… Well the guys act like they don’t care. They don’t want to feel weak or small…

Question is what is the worst that can happen?

I know I might sound insensitive to some. I mean, we are all wired differently and we don’t respond to situations the same way but its love. What is the big deal about love? What are we so scared of?

To be in love is a beautiful thing and yes people say its not all about butterflies in the stomach or kissing in the rain but its still a part of it. The same way love is about sacrifice and endurance and trust is the same way love is about butterflies and holding hands. It is not a feeling that can be explained but is a feeling that should be experienced.

Many say they don’t feel love. Its not in their nature and blah blah. Some come up with some quote or some literary jargon to support their claim and then post things like this to social media


I am not saying it is wrong to be a sapiosexual but really? It’s like to be sapiosexual is the “in” thing now.

This is another funny one

Love You

I don’t have words for that one.

Now check out this conversation

A: Hey B. How are you?

B: I am good. How u dey na?

A: I am chilling  oh. Saw some pictures on Instagram. Are you and C now dating?

B: Dating ke? No oh! C is just a friend. I don’t have time for relationships and the drama

A: But you guys seem really cozy. Are you in love?

B: Love ke??? Abeg oh!!!

A: Oh. But do you like him?

B: Like him? How will you define like?

A: Ummmm… There is only one definition for like

B: We are in a good place and I like it that way. No pressure. Plus, I am a non conformist. I don’t succumb to society’s standards of dating and love. Besides, what’s the point….


And B goes on to give a lecture on love and other random shit!


Abeg! Let yourself go!


There is no need for all the forming. If you feel something go with it. You have no idea where it will take you. Life is too short to play safe. I am not telling you not to use your head or to fall for the first douchebag that walks into your life. I am telling yo to open yourself up to the opportunity of finding happiness with someone. The feeling to be in love and be loved in return. You might hit me with the “bad things happen” line or “People always leave” (No thanks Peyton Sawyer) but the truth is for every 1 person that leaves there will always be the 1 person that will stay. It really is not hard to say “Look, You seem like a nice guy/girl and I really like you and I would love to see where this leads.” If the person feels the same way. Good for you. If the person doesn’t feel the same way. Good for you. You can leave before it gets too serious and everyone is happy. Truth is, life will happen and throw obstacles your way but because of the honesty and openness that your relationship is built on; working through your trials will be an easy task.


Now this post is getting long so I’d end with this. Don’t be afraid to love and be loved in return. Sometimes it will end well and sometimes it won’t end well but that is life. Also, love is not enough to make a relationship work but it remains the foundation. There are choices you have to make after the relationship is defined, sacrifices you have to make, promises you have to keep but all of this won’t work if you keep holding back and keeping things to yourself.


Enough talk. You get the message. Let yourself Go!!!


Don’t act like it’s a bad thing to fall in love with me ~ Justin Timberlake (Not A Bad Thing)


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15 thoughts on “What is the big deal about love? Let Yourself Go!

  1. Interesting things people say these days. Such ‘situationships’ they keep putting themselves in. I think I might have found one topic you’re interested in.

    All I can add is, two individuals make a relationship not two halves.
    Dare to love!

  2. Truth be told, I am one of those who attempt to guard themselves from heartbreaks. Coz I really am not a fan of seeing people differently when things don’t work out. Sometimes I blame the growing rate of moral decadence in our world today. More people approve casual relationships and oh the popular term “open” relationship. With all these, its harder for some to believe in love.
    However, I have decided to ignore all the bad what ifs and focus on the good what ifs.
    Thanks for the article Harry. As always…

  3. Ok so whoever wrote this is obviously hating on me n my kind. The witch knows imma player n she’s attacking my ideologies. Ok maybe I am being paranoid. Lol. But hey I listen to all your preaching n it’s deep buh ermmmmm am shallow.lmao.
    You said the truth but I still have to pop more cherries before I settle.
    Daddy Teacake 2012

  4. I think it’s amazing the research pple do to justify and defend their choices.
    Me, I am only guilty of *pauses… Pls Point me to the “he without sin cast the first stone” corner…
    Harry Berry, love is a big deal o, esp wen u hv rellik instincts…

  5. LOL @ ‘No thanks Peyton Sawyer.’ Yea that girl was really a wet blanket on the concept of love.
    Love is not a bad thing to me. Its a very beautiful thing. Its all the expectations certain people have of it that makes me wary.

  6. Interesting stuff. My only objection here is that with a lot of guys it isn’t quite the idea of playing it safe but rather not wanting to commit. What happens when someone else shows up tomorrow and you want to get with them? Then what? Go off and tell the other to fuck off? We’d rather not! Better alternative is to really just go with the flow and enjoy the moment as it is. If tomorrow you feel like stepping to someone else, you do that without being rightfully called a heart breaker. Carpe Diem!

  7. Interesting Post… There are people who do not feel the ‘love’ you talking about in the first place. It is not because they are holding back, but love seems to be holding back from them. True talk…

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