What Will My Life Count For?

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in the New Year and I am very excited about it. I have my website and I am so excited about this new phase of my life.

Yesterday was New Year’s Day and a lot of people kept asking me what my resolution was. They wanted to know what I wanted to change in my life or the attitude I was going to bring to my career and personal life. I didn’t give a response. All I did was just smile.

Honestly. I am done

Not that I think having a resolution is wrong. I just feel that I am in a different place in my life and I just want one question to guide me through “What Will My Life Count For?”

I remember I was at Bode Alalade’s funeral when that question first crossed my mind. I was covering his funeral for the news and was in awe of how the man had left a lasting legacy not only in the lives of his colleagues but also among his family and friends. People from far and wide came to sing the praises of a man who had transformed their life one way or the other. At that point, I began to ask myself, If I died now, what will people say about me? What impact is my existence having on those around me? I need to get it right.

Right now, I just don’t want to preach the difference, I want to live it. I want to be the difference. Life is short and any of us can be called to stand before our Maker at any point in time. The question we should ask ourselves should be “What Will My Life Count For?”

Be the difference

Happy New Year guys. Welcome to 2013.

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  1. Will my life count….dts a question I wud ask myself before making any decisions this year…Thanks Harry…Happy new year

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