When is it all worth it???

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Life can be a routine.

You go to school. Study hard to get a degree. Serve your country for a year so you can start work. You get a good job. You get paid a fair salary. And then what?

For real, life can be very tiring.

I mean you do everything you are supposed to do. You live by the books. Conform to the standards your society sets for you (Yes. We all conform in the end. Even the “non-conformists”)

When does it get better? When is it all worth it?

Has Bill Gates achieved success? If he has, why can’t he just retire to an island somewhere.

Is Oprah Winfrey fulfilled? She has all that wealth, runs a television network and organises life classes for her followers so that they can experience their higher self.

So we can say she is fulfilled yea? So why didn’t she just retire after she retired.

Barbara Walters has been doing the TV thing since 1953. She is set to retire this year.

Honestly, I have no idea what the point of this blogpost is. I am just in a funny place and I honestly want to know what you think. Can you help me?

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