#JustSaying: Where did most of the Christian Rappers go?

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So I am a huge fan of music and I enjoy all forms; Mainstream and Christian. However, I like when the artists doing these forms stick to that form and not act confused. From the days of Switchfoot and P.O.D, we have had bands come out to openly say they didn’t want to be tagged as a “Christian” bands which is cool. It seems this is now getting popular among Christian rappers.

For a while, Christian Hip Hop was the sub-genre of Christian music that was “Unashamed” and will “Go Hard” for the gospel. They wrote songs saying how they will always preach the gospel and shout it from the rooftops. However, Lecrae (Who I love and respect), has started saying he is not a “Christian” rapper but a rapper who is a Christian. Funny, because Lecrae was the guy with the songs “Unashamed” and “Go Hard” and so watching his interview with Bow Wow and Angela Simmons on 106 & Park made me a bit surprised…

Oh well, this is not just about Lecrae. It is for all the loads of rappers who feel they are not “Christian rappers”. I just feel if you not a Christian rapper, don’t release your album to the Christian market. Stop putting your stuff on Rapzilla, Da South, New Release Tuesday, Jesus Freak Hideout or the likes. I mean if you are not a Christian Rapper, I am guessing you a mainstream rapper then stop looking for publicity on Christian media outlets. Your primary focus should be on more mainstream platforms. Trust me, your fans won’t love you any less for doing that. I mean, they’ll rather know you are out there changing the world than think when you remain on the fence. You’ll just leave a lot of them confused…

Anyways, that’s not even the issue here… I just wanna know “Where did most of the Christian Rappers go?

Sound off in the comments… Wanna hear your thoughts.

As for me… I have no clue where they are #JustSaying


12 thoughts on “#JustSaying: Where did most of the Christian Rappers go?

  1. Oh well, like I always say. This is one issue that could leave us talking for ages. Arguments and Counter-arguments abound but I guess we’ll all be led by our hearts ultimately. Good post though Harry…

  2. I think Christian rappers like lecrae are beginning to go out of the church … “into all the world and make disciples of all nations… teaching them to observe things he’s been taught himself…” (Matthew 28:20 paraphrased). He just changed his label but he still practices the same faith. #work

    1. I don’t think anyone has a problem with him doing that… My issue is if you are not a Christian rapper don’t be a Christian rapper… It is as simple as that… Stop staying on the fence!

  3. This is a very interesting topic. I am inclined to agree with harry. If you don’t want to be ‘labeled’ Christian rapper, then don’t depend on that ‘label’ to push your stuff. But I have a personal problem with this whole ‘christian rapper/ rapper christian’ label. Harry, I’ll write you an article today on my thoughts.

  4. Chiago…write the article o! We want to know, lol 🙂

    Well, I totally agree with the ‘confused state of mind’ of Christians. I can’t answer the question because I don’t know many Christian rappers. But this cuts across to Christians in every genre of music. It because of people like them that the word ‘Christian’ means nothing anymore. Anyone care to be a good role model Christian? Call yourself a Christian in all you do and OWN it! There’s no perspective there. However we see it, its not your business. Do the right thing and let God handle the rest. Urgh! Lol

    Ok, signing out! 😀

  5. My take is “none of us here have had a discussion with these artists, so we are drawing snippets of info from what we have read from other people who might not have had a personal discussion with the artists”. But oh well I believe that the Christian label removal thing happened because of the need for these artists to go into the world and unashamedly spread the gospel which I think they are consciously doing now more than they were doing when “UNASHAMED” was all in their songs. For example, I know how many times I’ve told myself I’m not ashamed to spread the goodnews and I can’t boast of one pezin ?. The christian blogs understand that these artists are still in tune and somehow “sadly”, it is we “Christians” me inclusive, that need the gospel more to understand what to do with it. When I heard Lecrae talk about the Christian rapper thing I was like EXACTLY, that’s what you should do! In conclusion, The Christian label helped them find us and now we need to appreciate that they are growing and funny enough there are other artists who make music that speak to our exact situation. And also there’s nothing wrong in not listening to an artist when your spirit don’t connect anymore because they removed a “label”.

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