Work Diaries 104: On Love Like A Movie 2 with Darey and Kelly Rowland

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The second installment of Darey’s Love Like A Movie concert held in Lagos in GRANNNDDDD style. Like for real. It seems that he keeps raising the bar with this show as there is no show like this in Nigeria. It was unbelievable.

Anyways, so last night was Love Like A Movie 2 and I was ready to be part of the show. I made sure I finished all my interviews in good time so I won’t miss any of the good moments (like last year)

With Tosin Ajibade A.K.A OloriSupergal

While I was waiting for the show to start, my friend points towards the sky. At this point we are not sure what the object was but it appeared to be moving. Soon we hear music… alas… It was Darey! Dude makes a grand entrance from the heavens…lol… Just kidding. But for real oh, looks like Darey is not scared of heights.

When he finally lands, he starts with a performance of Seal’s “Kiss from a Rose” and I must say he does it so well. The theme now is Classic Love and Kiss from a Rose is a classic love song. After he is through with that, he exits the stage and the gorgeous Waje comes out to perform the classic “I Will Always Love YouWhitney Houston Style.

After Waje’s captivating performance, some burlesque looking chics come out and Lady Marmalade starts. Now, I can’t remember the last time I heard this song but it sure brought back some memories. Zaina, Chioma and Muna performed the Christina-Mya-Lil Kim version and it was very cool to watch.

Kelly Rowland makes her first appearance with “Dilemma”. A good way to make an entrance even though the crowd reaction was kinda low but still it was enough for her to switch to “Kisses Down Low”. As she performed, it felt like no one really knew the song cause in typical Naija fashion, folks were on their seats like they were watching a stage play. Then “Motivation” starts. Now this is a song I know people wanted to hear and as the song is about to start, Kelly walks off the stage

Yep. She walked off. No idea if she was angry or she had finished her set but yea… she was gone. After a while though she came back with “When love takes Over” but if people didn’t react well to Kisses Down Low, I doubt they will do to this one.
A performance that was nostalgic though was Zaina’s Mr Loverman performance. Sidebar: I wonder what Shabba Ranks is doing now.

Oh well

Darey and Waje followed with “Turn Your Lights Down Low”.  Pretty cool performance I must add. After their performance, Eva and some chic performed Love is Wicked. Another cool performance, with dancers and all.

Soul Muzik artistes, Zaina and Mo Eazy premiered new music at the show with cool performances but it was Darey’s performance of Special Fever that was one of the highlights of the night plus those dancers… pretty amazing!!! Awesome performance
Things got way hotter towards the end of the show. Tiwa Savage performed her hit, Eminado. Now, she didn’t sing a lot on this track but there is something about the track and Tiwa. Omo, she has a special grace on her life. Plus she comes back like 7 minutes after, performing the Whitney Houston classic, “I am your baby tonight”. Now, she SANG on that one lol (I pray Brandy, performs it today though at her concert). After her came Timi Dakolo with a soulful rendition of “When a Man Loves a Woman”. Timi is another guy that is blessed beyond measure.

Kelly Rowland’s final appearance was the best of the night, getting the crown pumped with her song “Like This”.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland 2

Kelly Rowland 3

After that she did a Destinys Child Medley of Survivor-Bootylicious-Independent Woman-Jumpin’ Jumpin’-Soldier. After she leaves, Darey ends the show with an opera rendition of Ise Oluwa.



This is probably one of the best shows in Nigeria. The production of the show was on point and the stunts… mehn. I cant even describe them. I tried to take a few pictures with my phone though





Yes. Those are humans in the air.

The show took us through a journey with the songs. The performers were on point. The sound was good. It was a great show. Very far from mediocre! And like I said earlier on, the dancers. Those dancers. I could have watch them ALL NIGHT!



It started late. I thought it was gonna start early because it did last year but this one started late. Also, there was a long annoying pause from when Kelly walked out of the stage in the beginning till when she came back to perform When Love Takes Over. Now that wasn’t so cool


In conclusion, we don’t get to see a lot of well produced shows in Nigeria. It is just our reality. Love Like A Movie continues to set the bar for show promoters and musicians in general to strive for perfection in what they do. It’s not about letting people pay so much for crap, it is about giving them an experience they won’t be able to forget in a hurry.

That is what Love Like A Movie is. An experience.

Have an awesome Sunday guys

PS: I gotta run. Brandy’s concert is tonight. I am so excited!!!



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