Work Diaries 105: On Brandy and that Brandy Concert

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Last Night was the Brandy show.


Brandy is the ISH!!!

But let me back up for  bit. Let me take you through the day 🙂

So fresh from Darey‘s killer concert with Kelly Rowland, I was ready to see Brandy. There was supposed to be a press brief at noon at Eko Hotels and I was so excited to go see her. I have been a fan of Brandy since I was like 5 and for me to get an opportunity to see her face to face was/is a big deal. At a few minutes past 12, I arrived at the venue ready to meet her.

After a while and a media chat with UB40 (Yes, she was headlining the concert along them but we talking about Brandy right?), Brandy came into the room ready for her chat and I must say, she looked AMAZING! From her hair, to her clothes, to her smile… it was effortless. She took her seat and answered all the questions that were asked with no attitude. She even spoke about her new found love for Tiwa Savage who she saw perform at the Darey show. She actually said she wanted to do a song with Tiwa. I think that would be terrific.


After the press briefing, I was hoping for a chance to do a one on one interview but that didn’t work out for many reasons. I was really sad and bummed out because I was counting on doing the interview and find out if she was working on any new stuff and if she planned on working with Darkchild again… lol… Oh well… But for real though, the fact that  I didn’t get any one on one time with her totally bummed me out but I just told myself that I got a chance to ask her some questions via the press briefing, so it was cool.



After working at the red carpet for the event, we decide to go. Blakky was performing an was making the crowd wild. After his performance, there was a musical interlude with DJ Jimmy Jatt. He totally killed it as he played ALL our favourites including Aint to Proud to Beg by TLC and Montell Jordan‘s This is How we Do it. Paul I.K Dairo also came to perform some of his songs and then…

Brandy comes out

No idea how it happened but we found ourselves at the front of the stage.

We had an awesome show with @4everbrandy!!! Cc:@missygracee

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She kicked off her performance with a sultry performance of “What About Us” and then switched to a killer performance of “Full Moon”. She took me back to “Never Say Never” days with performances of “Angel in Disguise” (I totally didn’t think she will perform that song), “Top of the World”, “Have You Ever” and “Almost Doesn’t Count” (That performance got her emotional).

Brandy performing "I Wanna be Down"
Brandy performing “I Wanna be Down”

There were also lots of killer throwback performances. She performed “Baby”, “Best Friend” and “I wanna be down” from the “Brandy” album. She also did “Sittin’ Up in My Room” which was one of my favourite performances for the night. She gave an awesome tribute to her idol Whitney Houston with a Whitney Medley that included “I’m Your Baby Tonight”, “How Will I Know” and “Dance with Somebody”. She wrapped up with “Wildest Dreams” and “Put it Down” and everyone literally put it down

Brandy performs in Nigeria

It was an amazing show. I will not lie to you. Even though, she didn’t perform any song from Human 🙁 still I till it was a good setlist. Yes I didn’t get a chance to do my one on one interview and take pictures and all but I saw her twice in one day and it was so good. This my friends is one of the best shows I have witnessed in Nigeria. Love Like A Movie 2 is the best Nigerian concert; production wise and all by Brandy’s show is the one I totally enjoyed.

It is cause of Brandy. She awesome like that!

We left the show high on Brandy. Check out how we were 1 hour later

An hr after the @4everbrandy show and we are still turned up!!! Cc:@missygracee @hardrockyng

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Let me leave you with two of my favourite Brandy songs. She didn’t perform them though


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