You are My Father; I am the clay, and You are my Potter #HappyFathersDay

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I love my father.

I love him very much, trust me.

But I don’t love him the way I love my Maker.

My entire life is a testimony. From my birth till now, you can’t convince me otherwise. A lot of times, I have tried to walk away from my faith but the truth remains that God has been the only constant in my life.

I am 25 years old and I have seen a lot happen in my family. From my mother to my siblings; the Hand of God is clearly evident. I don’t come from money but I tell you, I didn’t lack anything growing up. Did I get all I wanted? Absolutely not. Did I get all I needed? Most definitely. How did it happen? I am sure my mother can’t even give an answer to that.

God is just awesome.

When I was a toddler. I had an injury on my right eye and it had to be stitched. I prob was 2 or 3 not sure. Fast forward to now, my eye works perfectly fine. In 2000, my cousin and I were on our way back to school (Command Secondary School, Kaduna) from Zaria and we found ourselves in the midst of a religious crisis with some guy threatening to kill us. Yeah we sought refuge in a stranger’s house for two nights and spent two nights at Dallet Barracks in Kawo but still, here I am. In 2006, I had a horrific asthma attack that left me scared for my life. My inhaler didn’t even work but still, here I am.

There was no one to call at these times. Who could have helped me? How would I have survived?

God remains the only constant and my help in my time of need. At the times when I am fed up, depressed and confused about my faith, His love remains.

So even though I am thankful everyday for the earthly father He has given me, I am reminded of  He that is “A Father to the fatherless..” who still takes very good care of me and keeps blessing me even when I don’t deserve it. To Him I say, Happy Father’s Day! You are My Father; I am the clay, You are my Potter and I am grateful to be the Work of Your hand.


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